X-Port Expandable Portfolios

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About X-Port Expandable Portfolios

What is an X-Port Expandable Portfolio?

The X-Port Expandable Portfolio is a revolutionary artist portfolio case designed for more than just artwork—it serves various purposes. Unlike traditional artist portfolios, this innovative portfolio offers effortless insertion and removal of artwork, display boards, and large or unwieldy materials. Its rigid sides and expanding gusset enable it to stand on its own, allowing quick access through a 6-inch wide top opening. Every element, from handles to pockets, has been meticulously designed for easy transport of previously challenging items. Made from tear-proof, water-resistant 600 Denier Polyester, it's not only durable but also easy to clean. Backed by a 2-year warranty, it's built to last and has double the capacity of competing portfolios.

How Do I Set Up My X-Port Expandable Portfolio?

The smallest four sizes of the X-Port Expandable Portfolio do not require any setup at all - Just open the handle grip, lift the top flap, and insert your materials in either the main section or one of the inner side compartments.

The larger sizes (25"x37" and up) come folded up and have compartments in the lining of the main sides for inserting stiffener boards to structure the portfolio. Cardboard and foam board are common materials that can be used as stiffeners.

How Much Can I Carry In An X-Port Expandable Portfolio?

The X-Port Expandable Portfolio offers exceptional capacity, with twice the storage space compared to competing portfolios. It can expand to an impressive six inches of depth, accommodating items that ordinary portfolios cannot handle. Whether you need to carry up to 24 foam boards, multiple framed pieces of art, or bulky product samples, the X-Port can securely hold them while remaining lightweight and easy to transport. X-Port Expandable Portfolios are rated for up to 50 lb of weight capacity.