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37"x49"x6" OVERSIZED Expandable Art Portfolio Case


Our carefully designed Oversized Expandable Porfolios open from the top and expand to six inches of depth - enough capacity to hold 25 foam boards, several pieces of framed artwork, and all kinds of large format displays.  These larger models feature two vertically spaced handles on the front so users of different heights can reach over and comfortably carry it while keeping the bottom elevated. Due to their large size, the cases are shipped folded up and are equipped compartments for adding your own foam boards to stiffen the sides. A pair of zippers on the end panels let you convert the case to clamshell mode for flat loading or flipping through prints on a display rack. T wo gusseted outside pockets for supplies, ID card holder, and an adjustable, detachable shoulder strap with all metal hardware. Made from the toughest water-resistant polyester canvas and backed by a two-year warranty.

Dimensions: 37" tall, 49" long, and 6" gusset.

Setup Note:  Insert rigid boards in the lining compartments to structure the case.

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    About This Item

    What is an X-Port Oversized Expandable Portfolio?

    The X-Port Oversized Expandable Portfolio is a uniquely designed carrying case with a top-opening feature that allows it to expand to a remarkable depth of six inches. It offers ample capacity to accommodate up to 25 foam boards, multiple framed artworks, and various large format displays. This portfolio is ideal for artists, photographers, or professionals looking to transport and display their oversized materials securely.

    How Do I Set Up My X-Port Oversized Expandable Portfolio?

    Setting up your X-Port Oversized Expandable Portfolio is straightforward.

    1. Unfold the case
    2. Open the Velcro closures at the top of the inside lining of the main sides and insert a properly sized foam board or rigid material of your choice.
    3. Seal the Velcro closure at the top of the linings.
    4. Your portfolio is now structured and ready for insertion of materials from the top of the case. Alternatively, you can pull down the zippers at the two side panels and load it flat on the floor or table.
    5. Close the top flap and secure with the attached buckles.
    6. Optionally attach the shoulder strap to the metal rings on the back of the case and adjust the length for your comfort.

    How Much Can I Carry In My X-Port Oversized Expandable Portfolio?

    With its six-inch depth, it can securely hold up to 25 foam boards, multiple framed artworks, and various large format displays. Plus, it features additional gusseted outside pockets for addition small format materials or supplies.