8 Things Interviewers Look For In a Graphic Design Portfolio

8 Things Interviewers Look For In a Graphic Design Portfolio
No one likes going to an interview. The feeling of being evaluated from the moment you walk through the door is something that can be described as uncomfortable at best. However, mastering the interview process is the best way to keep yourself busy working as a graphic designer. Knowing exactly what to put into your design portfolio is an important step toward the goal of nailing every interview you are able to land. Following are the top eight things that an interviewer is likely to be looking for within your design portfolio.

#1 – Variety

Don’t make it appear that you can only do one kind of work by presenting a limited portfolio. Offer a range of styles and methods so the interviewer can see just how flexible you are.

#2 – Professional Quality

You aren’t going to get paid for your work unless you can prove that you are worth the investment. Only include pieces in your portfolio that meet professional standards.

#3 – Relevance

Variety is important, as highlighted above, but it also key to show that you can do the exact kind of work that will be required if you are selected for the job. Don’t tell them that you can do it – show them.

#4 – Knowledge

It is crucial that you have a strong knowledge of your own portfolio and can explain each of the pieces confidently. This might sound like a no-brainer, but it can be difficult if you have had some pieces in your portfolio for years. Consistently review your own work to keep it fresh in your mind.

#5 – Creativity

Put yourself in the shoes of the interviewer – does the work in the portfolio demonstrate creativity and independent thinking? If not, you might want to revise the work that you choose to include in your display.

#6 – Unique Perspective

Remember that you are unlikely to be the only graphic designer that the interviewer is considering. To stand out from the crowd, make sure your portfolio demonstrates a unique perspective and doesn’t look like everything else that they will see from countless other applicants.

#7 – Technical Skills

It is possible to get so lost in the compilation of a memorable portfolio that you forget to include pieces that demonstrate the specific skills you possess. Make a list of your top five design skills and then be sure that they are all represented within the portfolio. Also, this will give you a great list of talking points to highlight when presenting your portfolio in the interview.

#8 – Organization

Poor organization will reflect poorly on you as a professional. Contain all of your pieces in a quality portfolio case – such as those offered here at Portfolios and Art Cases – to make sure the interviewer knows just how much you want the job.