Premium Leather Presentation Cases

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About Premium Leather Presentation Cases

What is a Premium Leather Presentation Case?

A Premium Leather Presentation Case is a top-tier solution for elevating the professionalism of your presentations. Crafted from genuine top-grain leather, this case exudes a rich and classic appearance. It features a high-quality 1" multi-ring binder system that securely holds your pages without snagging. The spine-mounted leather handle ensures that your pages hang straight and remain free from bending, preserving the quality of your materials. Additional details include a business card holder and two large inside pockets for storing collateral materials. With this presentation case, you can insert your artwork, photographs, or documents into the 10 included Premium Archival Pages. These super-clear pages are sealed on three sides, load from the top, and come with acid-free black paper inserts. The case can hold up to 30 pages, which can be used on both the front and back sides, making it a versatile and professional choice for your presentations.

How Do I Set Up My Premium Leather Presentation Case?

1. Unzip the Premium Leather Presentation Case to access the interior.
2. Insert your artwork, photographs, documents, or other materials into the included Premium Archival Pages.
3. Arrange your pages in the order you would like them viewed and insert them into the 1" black superior quality multi-rings, ensuring they are securely held without snagging.
4. Utilize the full-length inside pocket and the two large inside pockets for organizing collateral materials.
5. Securely close the case using the smooth-running nylon zipper.
6. Carry the case using the spine-mounted leather handle which ensures that your pages hang straight and prevents bending.
7. Your Premium Leather Presentation Case is now set up and ready to enhance the professionalism of your presentations with its classic appearance and functionality.

How Much Can I Carry In a Premium Leather Presentation Case?

Our Premium Leather Presentation Case includes 10 Premium Archival Pages, sealed on three sides, and is capable of holding up to 30 pages for 60 views. The full-length inside pocket provides additional storage options, making it suitable for various presentation and organization needs while maintaining a professional appearance.