Pina Zangaro Maple Screwpost Portfolio Books

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Enhance your presentation with our wooden portfolios. Blending the timeless beauty of natural, sustainable maple with the modern look of aluminum, our Natural Maple Wood Screwpost Binders will make an unforgettable impression while letting your presentation shine. Start building your custom portfolio book by selecting a cover set in the size and format of your work.
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About Pina Zangaro Maple Screwpost Portfolio Books

What Is A Screwpost Portfolio?

A Screwpost Binder is a unique and customizable way to present printed artwork or documents in a book format. Unlike traditional methods that use rings or glue, Screwpost Binders secure pages using screws and posts, along with various insert options. This distinctive binding style provides a sleek and creative presentation for your materials.

How Do I Set Up My Screwpost Binder?

To set up your Screwpost Binder, follow these steps:

  1. Gather your printed materials.
  2. Place them in sheet protectors or hinge strips.
  3. Secure the protectors or strips in place using screwposts.
  4. Adjust the capacity of the binder as needed.
  5. Use foam spacers if necessary to maintain spacing between inserts.
How Much Can I Carry In A Screwpost Book?

How Much Can I Carry In A Screwpost Binder?

In theory, Screwpost Binders can hold as many pages as needed with the use of extenders. However, it's advisable not to exceed approximately 40 pages for practical reasons. As the book thickness increases, it becomes more challenging to turn the pages effectively. Screwpost Binders are primarily designed for presentations rather than long-term archiving.