Pina Zangaro Adhesive Hinge Strips

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Pina Zangaro Adhesive Hinge Strips are a convenient way of getting your artwork into a screwpost portfolio or 3-ring binder without having to punch holes through it. Made of archival grade DuPont polyester, these hinge strips will not damage your work over time, are perfectly clear and will not tear. 

About Pina Zangaro Adhesive Hinge Strips

What Are Pina Zangaro Adhesive Hinge Strips?

Pina Zangaro Adhesive Hinge Strips are the simplest way to bind work into a portfolio book without punching holes or using page protectors. The strips have holes spaced for screwpost books and 3-Ring Binders, so you can bind your artwork without punching holes or having anything covering the artwork.

How Do I Use Adhesive Hinge Strips?

Peel back the release liner to expose the archival adhesive. Then adhere your artwork to the adhesive edge and place the sheet into your portfolio book or binder.

What Size Artwork Can I Attach With Adhesive Hinge Strips?

Adhesive Hinge Strips are available in a variety of lengths, which correspond to the length of the binding edge of your artwork. We recommend adding them to your cart from the product page of your screwpost portfolio to be sure to get the right size.