Artwork Shipping Cases

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About Artwork Shipping Cases

What is an Artwork Shipping Case?

An Artwork Shipping Case is a sturdy and lightweight two-piece container designed for the secure transportation and storage of artwork. It features a 3" depth and is constructed from rugged polyethylene with metal-reinforced corners for durability. The case is equipped with a foam-lined interior, a top handle for easy carrying, an area for attaching shipping labels, and multiple straps with side-release nylon buckles on the outside to keep the case securely closed. It also includes an inside strap to secure the artwork in place. This case is an excellent choice for safeguarding your artwork during transit and can double as a storage solution.

How Do I Set Up My Artwork Shipping Case?

To set up your Artwork Shipping Case, follow these steps:
1. Open the two-piece case by removing the top half.
2. Insert your artwork inside the case.
3. Secure your artwork in place with the inside strap.
4. Close and secure the case by fastening the multiple straps with side-release nylon buckles on the outside.
5. If needed, attach a shipping label to the designated area for easy identification. Your Artwork Shipping Case is now prepared for safe transportation or storage.

How Much Can I Carry In an Artwork Shipping Case?

Our Artwork Shipping Case is designed to accommodate various sizes of artwork. With its 3" depth and foam-lined interior, it can securely hold and protect artwork than, when stacked, amounts to 3" of total stack height or thickness. Please note that the listed dimensions are the minimum usable dimensions, so you can be sure that artwork that matches the listed size will fit.