Art Presentation Boxes

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About Art Presentation Boxes

What is a Pina Zangaro Art Presentation Box?

A Pina Zangaro Art Presentation Box is a meticulously crafted storage and presentation solution for your artwork, photos, marketing materials, and documents. These boxes are made in the USA from durable anodized aluminum, providing protection and a distinctive packaging option for your valuable work. They feature a lift-off lid design with finger notches for easy access, ensuring your items are well-preserved and readily accessible.

How Do I Use My Art Presentation Box?

Using your Art Presentation Box is straightforward:

1. Lift off the lid using the finger notches on the sides.
2. Place your artwork, photos, documents, or marketing materials inside the box.
3. Replace the lid to protect and store your items securely.
4. If desired, enhance the presentation by adding a Nesso Presentation Jacket (sold separately) to keep your materials pristine and safeguarded from abrasion and dust.

What Are My Imprinting Options?

You have the following customization options to make your Art Presentation Box uniquely yours:

Color Imprinting: Add vibrant colors or branding to the box's surface.

Laser Etching: Create a sophisticated, engraved look with precision laser etching.

These imprinting choices allow you to elevate the visual impact of your presentation box and make it a reflection of your brand or personal style.