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Professional Presentation Case - Select A Size

These attractive and professional cases feature a scratch-resistant black textured cover with stitched edges. Spine-mounted handle keeps pages hanging straight and prevents bending of pages. Features 1" black superior quality multi-rings (does not snag pages) a full-length inside pocket, business card holder, and a smooth running nylon zipper. Includes 10 Super Clear Archival Pages, which are sealed on three sides, load from the top and include acid-free black paper inserts. Holds up to 30 pages, which can be used front and back.

Sheet Size: 8.5"x11"

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Sheet Size

8.5"x11", 9.5"x12.5, 11"x14", 11"x17", 14"x17", 17"x22", 18"x24"

About This Item

What is a Professional Presentation Case?

Our Professional Presentation Case is an elegant and functional solution for presenting and organizing your important documents, artwork, photos, drawings, and more. These cases are designed to convey a professional image with their scratch-resistant black textured cover and stitched edges. A spine-mounted handle ensures that your pages hang straight and remain free from bending. The case features a high-quality 1" black multi-ring binding system that doesn't snag pages, a full-length inside pocket for additional storage, a business card holder, and a smooth-running nylon zipper for secure closure. Each case comes with 10 Super Clear Archival Pages, sealed on three sides and loaded from the top, along with acid-free black paper inserts. These cases can hold up to 30 pages, which can be used on both the front and back sides. They are available in seven sheet sizes, ranging from letter size (8.5"x11") to large format (18"x24"), providing versatile options for your presentation needs.

How Do I Set Up My Professional Presentation Case?

Setting up your Professional Presentation Case is simple:
1. Unzip the smooth-running nylon zipper.
2. Insert your documents into the included Super Clear Archival Pages, which load from the top and have acid-free black paper inserts.
3. Arrange the pages as needed using the 1" black multi-ring mechanism.
4. Use the inside pocket for additional materials and the business card holder for cards.
5. Close the case by zipping it shut. The spine-mounted handle ensures pages remain straight and unbent while you are carrying the portfolio.

How Much Can I Carry In A Professional Presentation Case?

The Professional Presentation Case can accommodate a variety of materials and documents up to the specified paper size. The case includes 10 Super Clear Archival Pages, sealed on three sides and capable of holding up to 30 double-sided pages or 60 views. The versatile range of sheet sizes, from letter size (8.5"x11") to large format (18"x24"), ensures that it can fit artwork, photos, drawings, and documents of different dimensions. The full-length inside pocket and business card holder provide additional storage options, making it suitable for various presentation and organization needs while maintaining a professional appearance.