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Archival Page Protectors REFILL PAGES for 9.5"x12.5" - 10 Pack

These premium quality refills fit all multi-ring portfolios. Archival grade polypropylene for high transparency and chemical stability. Sealed on three sides, load from the top. Each page protector comes with an acid free black paper insert. Meets ANSI requirements for archival storage.
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    About This Item

    What Are Archival Page Protectors?

    Archival Sheet Protectors are high-quality, clear protective sleeves designed for preserving and displaying valuable artwork, photos, drawings, documents, and more. These protectors are specifically engineered to fit into multi-ring presentation cases, portfolio books, and binders that adhere to industry-standard hole spacing. They are compatible with 11"x14" presentation products from brands like Florence, Alvin, and Prat.

    How Do I Use Archival Sheet Protectors?

    1. Insert your artwork or document through the open side of the page protector, facing out, leaving the black liner sheet in place.
    2. I you want to make your pages double-sided, you can also insert artwork on the other side of the liner, facing out.
    3. Once all of your pages have been completed, stack them in your preferred viewing order.
    4. Open the binder mechanism of your multiring case or book, line up the holes at the edge of the protector with the rings of your binder, then close the binder.

    What Is The Largest Size Paper That Will Fit Into The Page Protector?

    The dimensions in the title of the product refer to the dimensions of the paper that it is designed to hold. For example, an 11"x14" Page Protector will fit 11"x14" size paper.