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8"x50" Extra Large Art & Poster Tube with Rigid Paperboard Liner

At last, a convenient way to carry rolled artwork, posters, blueprints and graphics! This large-diameter tube with rigid paperboard interior is fully covered in water repellant 600-denier polyester canvas. Opens at one end with a zipper for easy access. Detachable shoulder strap and leatherette grip make it easy to carry. Includes a window compartment for insertion of a shipping label. Great for shipping artwork or checking through as luggage. Extra large 8" diameter lets you roll graphics on heavy stock without excessive curling.
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    About This Item

    What is a Print & Poster Tube?

    An Art Print & Poster Tube is a versatile and convenient solution for carrying rolled artwork, posters, blueprints, graphics, and more. It features a large diameter with a rigid paperboard interior, all covered in water-repellent 600-denier polyester canvas. The tube opens at one end with a zipper for easy access and includes a detachable shoulder strap and leatherette grip for comfortable carrying. Additionally, it provides a window compartment for inserting a shipping label, making it suitable for shipping artwork or checking as luggage. This tube is a high-quality choice for protecting and transporting valuable documents or artwork.

    How Do I Set Up My Art Print & Poster Tube?

    1. Open the tube by unzipping it at one end.
    2. Roll your artwork, posters, blueprints, or graphics and place them inside the tube.
    3. Close the tube by zipping it shut.
    4. If needed, attach the detachable shoulder strap and adjust it to your preferred length.
    5. Use the leatherette-wrapped top handle or the shoulder strap to carry the tube comfortably.
    6. Utilize the clear slip window for inserting a shipping label or identification.
    7. Your Art Print & Poster Tube is now ready to transport your valuable materials safely.

    How Much Can I Carry In an Art Print & Poster Tube?

    The capacity of your Art & Poster Tube will depend on its length and diameter and how tightly you can roll your materials. The tubes come in six inch and eight inch diameters and the capacities vary accordingly.