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11"x14"x2.5" Hard Art Portfolio Case

This attractive hard-sided art case is constructed of a wood core laminated with leather grain vinyl on the outside and cloth grain on the inside. The handle is comfortable and the latches strong and keyed. The bottom folds at both seams in order to lay flat and completely open. Fits artwork up to 11"x14".
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    About This Item

    What is a Hard Sided Art Case?

    A Hard Sided Art Case is a durable and stylish attache-style print case designed to safeguard and transport your valuable artwork or documents. It features a leather grain laminated wood core for strength and a comfortable handle for easy carrying. The case is secured with strong keyed latches and incorporates metal corner protectors to enhance its durability. This clamshell design case opens completely flat, providing convenient access to your materials. Its attractive exterior is covered in leather grain vinyl, while the interior has cloth grain finish. The upgraded features, including the handle, latches, and metal corner protectors, make it an excellent choice for protecting and transporting your artwork.

    How Do I Set Up My Hard Sided Art Case?

    1. Open the Hard Sides Art Case by releasing the keyed latches.
    2. Lift the top half of the clamshell case and lay it flat and completely open to access the interior.
    3. Place your artwork or documents inside the case.
    4. Close the case by re-joining the top and bottom halves.
    5. Secure the case by engaging the strong latches.
    6. Use the comfortable handle to carry it like a briefcase.

    How Much Can I Carry In a Hard Sided Art Case?

    Our Hard Sided Art Case has a total depth of 2.5 inches to accommodate a variety of artwork, documents, or other valuable materials.