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Laser Engraving (Etching)

Laser engraving (etching) creates a distinctive texture and look for a logo or graphic. Computer controlled lasers blast tiny particles off the surface material to create a sand-blasted or etched monochromatic look.

Laser engraving may be added to your order by clicking here.

Laser engraving is available on Camden, Bamboo, Frost, Olema, Tera, Rossano, Vista, and most Machina items. Standard turnaround orders ship 5 business days after proof approval. Expedited 1-day turnaround is also available.

All artwork submitted for Laser Engraving must meet the following criteria:

1. We accept vector files created in Illustrator, Corel Draw, and InDesign. All files must be submitted as an EPS file.

2. All type must be converted to outlines.

3. Artwork must be sized at 100%, the exact size you want it to be engraved.

4. Artwork must be set to 100% black. Only black will be engraved. Minimum line weight is 0.5 pt.

5. Orientation and exact positioning of artwork on product must be indicated. For example: bottom of logo to be positioned _____inch(es) from bottom edge and _____inch(es) from right edge panel or Centered Left To Right / Centered Top to Bottom. This position information must be specified even if the artwork is laid out at actual size and position in the submitted file. The minimum distance to any edge is 1/4".

6. Email your artwork to sales@portfolios-and-art-cases.com. (MAC USERS: Please Zip your files before attaching them.) In the body of the email include: your name, phone number, email address, and the product your job will be imprinted on. If your file cannot be opened or it was not submitted according to the requirements listed above, we will advise you as soon as possible. If you have any questions about this process, please contact us at 1-800-688-4745 or email us at sales@portfolios-and-art-cases.com.

7. You will receive an email asking you to approve a proof of your job. Your order will be added to the production queue after proof approval.

Laser Engraving Pricing
Standard turnaround: 5 business days
(order ships within 5 business days of artwork receipt and proof approval)
Setup fee and PDF proof are included:
1 piece $72.00
2-4 pcs. $58.00
5-9 $40.00
10-24 $26.00
25-49 $16.00
50+ call
Sonic turnaround: following business day
(order ships the business day following artwork receipt and proof approval)
Setup fee and PDF proof are included:
1 piece $144.00
2-4 pcs. $116.00
5-9 $80.00
10-24 $52.00
25-49 $32.00
50+ call