Pina Zangaro Archival Sheet Protectors

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About Pina Zangaro Archival Sheet Protectors

What Is A Pina Zangaro Archival Sheet Protector?

These classic welded polypropylene sheet protectors have become the industry standard for high quality archival preservation and presentation of artwork and documents. They have no liner sheet and are punched only for use in screwpost books and 3-ring binders. The weld parallel to the binding edge acts as a hinge, allowing the sheets to lie perfectly flat, making these sheets ideal for use in screwpost books.

What Are The Unique Features Of These Sheet Protectors?

These polypropylene sheets feature superior scratch resistance to make your work look better longer, a non-stick finish to prevent adhesion to your artwork and a non-reflective finish to minimize glare. All formats are top-loading. Made of inert, unplasticized, heat resistant and chemically stable archival quality, heavy-duty .0045 polypropylene.These sheets have passed the Photographic Activity Test (PAT) and meets all ANSI requirements for archival storage. Packed in tens in a protective metallic, resealable bag.

How Do I Know If The Pages Will Fit My Book or Binder?

The Polypropylene Express Sheet Protectors are available in various formats to fit Pina Zangaro portfolio books and screwpost books from most other major manufacturers. To be sure of ordering the correct size sheet protectors for your portfolio, we recommend that you add the sheet protectors from the options box on the ordering page for the specific portfolio. The dimensions listed in the title are the size of paper that they are designed to hold.